Aukey 5000mAh USB-C Power Bank (PB-XN5)

Rs.2,400.00 Rs.2,160.00

Product Description:

  • Fully charge your flagship smartphone at least once with this slim and highly portable power bank
  • USB type C port provides speed and security, featuring the reversible plug
  • LED display allows you to see the remaining charge in your power bank
  • Adaptive Charging Technology ensures that your device is charged at the fastest rate that is appropriate for your device up to 3A


    • Model Number: PB-XN5
    • Capacity: 5000mAh, 18.5Wh
    • Battery Type: Lithium Polymer
    • Technology: Adaptive Charging
    • Micro USB Input: 5V/2A
    • USB-C Input/Output: 5V/3A
    • USB-A Output (AiPower): 5V/2.4A
    • Dimensions: 121.5*69.5*10.5mm / 4.76*2.72*0.39in
    • Weight: 125 g / 4.04 oz


    Are the power products certified? 

    • Yes, all of our products are certified and will have the appropriate markings on the products.

    Do power banks automatically turn on when they are plugged into a device? 

    • For those power banks with a power button, you must press the power button first to turn on the power bank. There are a few AUKEY power banks that do not have a power button that will begin charging as soon as it is plugged into the device.

    What does the power bank capacity mean? 

    • Capacity is measured in milliamperes (mAh) on power banks. As a general rule, the more mAh in the power bank, the more times you will be able to charge your device before having to charge the power bank again.


    • 18 Months Warranty